Children and young people are at the centre of all that we do.

NT&AS delivers individual specialist education programmes of support.

We work nationally with young people who are facing difficulty in accessing education.

Our service is built on listening to young people and their families.

We have extensive experience of working with professionals in education, health and social care and provide advisory support to help young people progress.

Since 1998 more than 5000 young people have succeeded with NT&AS. 

We are an independent company with a strong customer focus and commitment to quality.

Who Can Benefit From Our Service?

• Children out of school 

• Children in care 

• Children in school who require additional specialist support

• Children who are underachieving 

• Children who require managed and supported transfers/transition

• Children who are unable to access or maintain mainstream school 

• Children and young people with special educational needs


At NT&AS we work with children of all ages and abilities providing access to educational experiences that meet their needs


We pride ourselves in providing bespoke, quality, creative education packages 


NT&AS offer a tailored education which leads to greater quality of life