Behaviour management

NT&AS staff are supported in understanding that they cannot ‘control’ the behaviour of others but that they have a responsibility to ‘encourage’ positive behaviour through their own actions.

Young people are supported and encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions through the positive intervention of NT&AS staff. 

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Safeguarding and child protection policy

We aim to safeguard the welfare of children and young people referred to NT&AS. In order to protect children and young people from potential and actual abuse it is important that everyone working for NT&AS has an understanding of the issues involved and all concerned follow company procedures.

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Health, safety and welfare

The health, safety and welfare of all staff and young people are of fundamental importance. NT&AS aims to provide a safe, secure and pleasant working and learning environment for everyone. NT&AS accepts its responsibility to comply with the requirements of Health and safety at Work Act 1974 and other subordinate legislation. 

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