What you can expect at NT&AS

What is the National Teaching and Advisory Service?

What do we do?

• Help your child to develop the skills needed to progress in education and life

• Help schools and colleges have a better understanding of how they can meet your child’s needs

• Teach your child basic skills and core subjects

• Help your child to learn what they need to know for  GCSE or other exams

• Help your child to be confident that they can behave in a positive way

• Help your child go to school or college.

NT&AS teachers will

• Arrive on time

• Plan engaging lessons 

• Are respectful and flexible

• Give feedback to young people and parents/carers

• Set and mark homework

• Not engage in any physical contact (including restraint).

Sessions will take place on agreed times/days during local authority term times – NT&AS will inform you of these.