The National Teaching and Advisory Service supports young people with an education and health care plan (EHCP). We promote education inclusion for young people with SEND in mainstream and special schools. 

NT&AS qualified and experienced staff work with young people to reduce the impact of their special need ensuring inclusion and success both educationally and personally. Individual Education Plans are put in place to ensure progress and to identify the responsibilities of the young person and people ‘around the child’. NT&AS is able to carry out a range of assessments.



NT&AS provides advice and expertise to schools, helping teachers to understand and support young people who have additional needs. We can support schools in developing plans around young people increasing access to the curriculum and the social aspects of school. We provide advice for schools helping them to understand and support young people with disabilities. We can advise on access issues as well as training staff in meeting the needs of individuals.

Health and Social Care

There may be a range of complex issues which impact on ability of a young person to succeed in school. We work closely with professionals from all statutory agencies bridging the gap between education, health and social care.

NT&AS supports choice for children and young people with disabilities and their families

Young people

NT&AS enables young people to succeed within the educational setting removing the barriers to learning as a result of their SEN. We want to give young people the skills to succeed in a variety of educational and social settings. We hold high expectations and are committed to providing all young people with the opportunity to participate and contribute to society. We aim to give young people the opportunity to participate and have their own views heard.


NT&AS works closely with families, listening carefully to their views, ensuring everyone is able to contribute and that children and young people are always at the centre of plans. Families are supported so that they feel able to help their children.