Who can buy a service?

Local Authority SEN Departments, Children’s Services, Youth Offending Teams

Schools and colleges

Independent Residential Providers

Independent Fostercare Providers

Where do you provide the service?

All areas nationwide

When can a service be bought?

At any point during the academic year when a need is identified

Is the service available outside school term time?

Yes, individual sessions often take place after school, and work can be specifically commissioned during school holidays

How long can the service continue?

Each individual referral will have agreed aims and objectives with timescales to match.  In theory, the service can continue as long as is deemed necessary by the involved personnel

What is the time lag between referral and action?

We aim to action all referrals within three working days

How do we stop a service?

All contract agreements incorporate an agreed notice period for both parties.  The length of time varies depending upon the nature and size of the service.

Who delivers the service?

NT&AS provides  qualified, experienced teachers as case holders to lead the service delivery supported by a range of staff, including learning mentors and specialist subject teachers

NT&AS team managers, supported by curriculum leaders, SEN specialists and a senior management team, oversee and monitor all work

How successful are you?

Statistics relating to outcomes for young people referred are available on request.

I am a head teacher; do I have to pay for the service?

You may be able to access funding through Local Authority SEN or CIC provision or you may directly purchase through your school funds.

A young person may be receiving a funded service when they join your school roll.

The pupil premium may be used for our service.

How is the service content monitored?

NT&AS works with the referring authority to agree objectives for each young person. It maintains its own data base measuring educational outcomes based on the requirements of Ofsted

All NT&AS sessions are recorded on our database and are available to commissioners

What happens if the young person does not engage with the service?

Individual plans are made in relation to each piece of commissioned work which would include contingency arrangements. In these circumstances review meetings would facilitate changes or cessation