Education inclusion for children and young people in care

The National Teaching and Advisory Service was established to promote the education inclusion of children and young people in care. We believe that living in care should not be reason for underachievement and that everyone should hold high aspirations for all young people.

Young people

We hold high expectations and are committed to providing all young people with the opportunity to participate and contribute to society. Our aim is to help young people ‘fit in’ and achieve as much as they can academically.

Carers and Families

We consider young people’s right to dignity and confidentiality as paramount in all we do but also acknowledge that sharing the right information between social services teams, schools and carers is vital to successful joint planning. We work closely with those who care for young people to ensure that their views are heard and that they are involved in decision making. Children and young people are always at the centre of plans.



We provide advice for schools helping them to understand and support young people living in care. We understand the pressures that schools can sometimes face in welcoming young people who live in complex circumstances or may have missed periods of education and maybe arrive mid term.

Health and Social Care

We work closely with professionals from all statutory agencies bridging the gap between education, health and social care. We advise health and social care professionals about education legislation and the education system as well as contributing to statutory planning.

Anonymous Age 5

Anonymous Age 5

Chloe age 16

Chloe age 16