NT&AS supporting young people who display challenging behaviour

The National Teaching and Advisory Service supports young people who find it difficult to conform to behaviour expectations in schools. We promote education inclusion for young people with ESBD in mainstream schools and colleges.


We provide advice for schools helping teachers to understand and support young people who challenge behavioural expectations. We can support schools in developing behaviour plans around young people that help them to access the curriculum and social benefits of education.


Young people

We aim to help young people to understand and manage their own behaviour. We want to give young people the skills to succeed in a variety of educational and social settings.


We work closely with families, listening carefully to their views, ensuring everyone is able to contribute and that children and young people are always at the centre of plans. We provide families with advice and support in managing behaviour consistently.

Health and Social Care

There may be many complex issues impacting on the behaviour of a young person in school. We work closely with professionals from all statutory agencies bridging the gap between education, health and social care.