Dyslexia Plus is a service provided by NT&AS that can offer advice for anyone who is worried about a child's progress or concerned about dyslexia.

Dyslexia Plus can be commissioned to provide dyslexia screening, diagnostic testing and specialist 1:1 and small group teaching.

We believe that all young people can achieve if you are given the right help.

Are you concerned about a child who is experiencing difficulty with spelling, writing, reading or maths? Have you considered dyslexia?

Two or three children in every classroom struggle to learn to read and write. Whilst many children will progress well with good phonics teaching others may benefit from specialist teaching. Support can help raise children's achievements at school and improve their confidence and self esteem.

Indicators of dyslexia can include:

  • Difficulties with reading, writing and spelling
  • Poor handwriting
  • Poor sequencing skills
  • Poor short-term memory
  • Confusion with left and right
  • Difficulties with mathematics
  • Difficulties with musical notation

Dyslexia Plus teachers are able to carry out initial screening which can indicate that a child may be dyslexic. If screening suggests a possibility of dyslexia a full diagnostic assessment by one of our specialist dyslexia teachers can be commissioned. All Dyslexia Plus teachers are associate members of the British Dyslexia Association.

NT&AS use interactive and creative resources to improve engagement

NT&AS use interactive and creative resources to improve engagement

The specialist teacher will meet with parents/carers, school and the child to collect background information. The specialist teacher will conduct tests to measure skills in a number of areas for including comprehension, memory, processing speeds and phonological awareness. A written report including an analysis of test results; the child's strengths and weaknesses and advice and recommendations for future support will be provided. The report can be used when applying for Disabled Student's Allowance or exam access arrangements.

Dyslexia Plus can offer one to one or small group teaching with a specialist teacher either in or out of a school setting using a cumulative, structured, multi sensory programme which is recognised to improve skills, confidence and self esteem. An individual learning plan with clear objectives will be provided and progress regularly reviewed.