Post adoptive placements can benefit from additional support as research demonstrates (Adoption UK ). NT&AS is able to provide specialist support to young people and their families so that they make good educational progress and are happy and settled both at school and home. 


  • Screening and assessment; analysis of results; identification of learning strengths and needs; identification of gaps in learning; identification of barriers to success 
  • Multi agency working 
  • Training and recommendations regarding teaching strategies and resources 
  • 1:1 teaching throughout all key stages 
  • Supporting learning within the home environment 
  • Supporting parents 
  • NT&AS helpline 


NT&AS Teachers work with young people and their families to support educational progress and the development of good social skills to manage school. NT&AS has a range of support which can help children and young people succeed from 1:1 teaching to fill gaps in learning; supporting reading and numeracy skills; strategies to use at home to ensure school works; liaison between home and school where it is felt appropriate or necessary to a helpline for parents who have questions about education.

NT&AS support educational progress

NT&AS support educational progress

NT&AS offer extensive support packages

NT&AS are dedicated to raising outcomes for young people, academically and   personally

NT&AS are dedicated to raising outcomes for young people, academically and personally


Post Adoption Services can provide support and advice for schools concerned about a young person who is experiencing difficulties in school. This may include training for staff regarding programmes to raise self esteem and attitudes to learning; consultation regarding individual young people or direct, individual support to teaching and learning. 

Children and Young People’s Services and Health 

NT&AS works well in a multi agency setting. We have extensive experience of raising outcomes for young people, academically and personally. We are skilled in working with young people who have a range of special educational needs. NT&AS is competent in managing the SEN review process on behalf of the local authority. NT&AS has experience of working with young people at risk of adoption breakdown or where young people have returned to the care setting following breakdown.